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Children’s Dental Plan Andaluz (PADI)

Our dental clinic is included within the Children’s Dental Plan Andaluz (PADI), belonging to the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andalucia. 
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By PADI Andalusian treats children between 6 and 15 years. 
With PADI, it is intended that the children of Andalusia present a very good dental health by reducing the rate of tooth decay to minimum levels, applying an Oral Health Prevention and treatment of the affected parts, to avoid the appearance of dental caries and other diseases. 
Requirements to be addressed within the PADI 
1 ° Be within the age limits. 
2 ° Hold a sanitary card which will be sent by the Ministry of Health (Junta de Andalucía), and if not, ask the card, in the clinic. 
3 ° Have to get the card (under the name of the child and prior identification) in this consultation, which will give the right to be treated at the dental clinic during the year concerned and the conditions in the PADI. 
4 ° Thus, if you wish your child to be treated in our clinical Dental clinic, call the clinic 952 77 04 94 to arrange a first date, and from there, begin a collaboration whose purpose is to maintain good oral hygiene in their child, avoiding caries through various preventive measures and counsels, and those teeth where decay is present they will make the appropriate treatment in each case.

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